Jefferson Starship: Stranger

… Yes, they did write songs other than “We Built This City“!

Hailing from San Francisco, Jefferson Starship evolved from Jefferson Airplane and released multiple hit records with singles appearing on the charts. The new incarnation of Jefferson Starship started in 1974 and they released an album almost every year. They combined psychedelic rock with an almost jazzy sound for a progressive style that set them apart. Their big hits are “We Built This City” (where the band name was actually just Starship due to legal reasons), “Jane“, and “Miracles.”

Singer Grace Slick brought a powerful voice to the band, and in the album Modern Times was actually rejoining Jefferson Starship after a hiatus. Today is Pete Sears’s birthday and this song was one he wrote with his wife Jeannette, and featured a very powerful duet with Slick and Paul Kantner, who led the band for most of its existence. The resulting music video is a very fun mix of the band’s talents. The drumming in the band took off when Aynsley Dunbar picked up the sticks, but the guitar solos from Craig Chaquico really make the song. Sears’s keyboard playing and the bass line he recorded for the song drive it as a high energy song that somehow seems to have an ability to slow down and grab your attention without actually changing the rhythm.

Sears was a mainstay at Jefferson Starship for some time and specialized in playing many different instruments. He always wrote or co-wrote on 2-3 songs per album, often with Slick. His talents on these instruments really drove the progressive rock sound that Jefferson Starship produced throughout the 70’s.

Enjoy rocking out to today’s Rock Pearl!

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