T. Rex: Seagull Woman

Bang a Gong! It’s Mickey Finn’s birthday!

Hired initially for his “good looks”, Finn joined T. Rex (Formerly Tyrannosaurus Rex) and debuted on their self-titled album with Marc Bolan. The British psychedelic rock group formed in 1967 and had a decent following worldwide throughout their years. With big songs like “Hot Love” and “Bang a Gong”, T. Rex actually had a kind of popularity comparable to The Beatles in the early going stages of their existence. While their popularity fell off after a few years, they continued releasing an album a year until Bolan’s tragic death in a car crash in 1977. Multiple albums reached the top of the charts in both the UK and the US before their descent from the spotlight.

Seagull Woman is a mellow, short tune off of the T. Rex album. You can hear a more “psychedelic” Beatles-sounding riff throughout the song. Guitar licks reminiscent of George Harrison exist throughout the song, and it’s remarkable that these tracks were put together mostly by Finn and Bolan alone. Enjoy today’s Rock Pearl!

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